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Gala Resources LLC is a New York-based hard money lender who provides short-term loan financing for real estate investors, developers and builders. They have been providing direct hard money loans since 1990.

They provide hard money lending on commercial and residential real estate in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia.

The minimum loan amount they fund is $100,000. They do hard money financing up to $8M. The principals and employees of the company have vast real estate industry experience. They also have in-house attorneys to expedite the loan process. As a private money lender, they make lending decisions fast as they lend out their own private capital.

Only the properties that are non-owner occupied and investments are eligible for Gala Hard money loans. The finance both commercial and residential properties. They make loans for both the acquisiton and renovations. This makes them ideally suitable for investors looking to buy foreclosure properties and bank owned reo homes.

Rehab loan programs allow investors to do the necessary repairs and bring the property to its market value. They can then decide to sell it for a capital gain or refinance it and then make it a rental providing consisting consistent cash flow. Gala makes rehab lending easy for residential real estate investors. They also finance mixed-use properties and 1-4 unit residential buildings. Construction hard money loans, land loans allow developers for integrated financing solution.

Some of the highlights of Gala’s hard money loan programs are: no appraisal needed for loans under $250k, no pre-payment penalty, no junk fees.

Company Officers:

Howard Haberman, Managing Director

Contact Info:

1212 Avenue of the Americas
6th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Phone Nos: 800-372-3393(Toll Free) 212-302-8840

FAX: 212-302-8832

E-mail us at:

Web Site:


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